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Murrieta Youth Basketball League (MYBL)


2019 Rules


Board REVISED – update 11/5/19




1.       All Murrieta Youth Basketball League (hereinafter referred to as MYBL) games shall be played in accordance with and pursuant to those established and accepted by the National Federation of State High School Associations for any particular season, except as defined hereafter.


2. Division Play:


1.       MYBL league play shall be divided into eleven (11) divisions. They shall be constituted as follows:



School Grade


Lower Clinic

K and 1st Grade Boys and Girls


Upper Clinic

2nd Grade Boys and Girls


Third (3rd)Grade Boys

3rd Grade Boys


Lower Girls

3rd and 4th Grade Girls


Fourth (4th)Grade Boys

4th Grade Boys


Fifth (5th)Grade Boys

5th Grade Boys


Sixth (6th) Grade Boys

6th Grade Boys


Seventh (7th) Grade Boys

7th Grade Boys


Upper Girls

5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Girls


Eighth (8th) Grade Boys

8th Grade Boys



No players may “play up”. Special circumstances requiring a participant to “play down or up” must be presented to the Board for approval including the league President. No players shall play outside their own gender division unless approved by the majority of the board.


3. Length of Play:


a. Clinic Divisions shall consist of FOUR (4) TEN (10) minute running periods.


b. Clinic Divisions will not have overtime or stopped time, and score will not be kept.


c. All other division games shall consist of four (4) ten (10) minute “running” quarters.


d. The last two (2) minutes of the 4th Quarter shall be “stopped time” if no team is ahead by fifteen (15) or more points in all divisions. Exceptions are clinic divisions and lower girls where there is no stopped time;


e. Overtime periods shall be in three (3) minute increments. The first two (2) minutes is running time except for free throws. The last one (1) minute of overtime is a complete stopped clock, meaning the clock stops at every referee’s whistle.


f. Maximum of two (2) overtime periods are allowed in all regular season games. If tied after the second overtime the game will be declared a TIE. In Playoff or Championship games there is no limit to the number of overtime periods, third (3rd) and subsequent overtime periods shall be in one (1) minute 
stopped clock increments. It is the responsibility of the Board Member on duty to review overtime rules with coaches prior to the start of overtime period. Defensive rules in the 4th quarter of play shall remain in place for overtime periods; all fouls shall also carry over.


4. Timeouts and Breaks of Play:


a. All competitive division teams receive two (2) timeouts per half of one (1) minute each. 


b. Each team will receive one (1) additional timeout per three (3) minute overtime period.


c. Quarter and overtime breaks shall consist of one (1) minute.


d. Halftime shall last three (3) minutes (time permitting).


e. The clinic division shall not have timeouts, except for injury.


f. Players that have been injured and/or are bleeding must be removed from the court immediately. Players cannot return until all bleeding is stopped and removed from their clothing. Coach must substitute for this player immediately so that play can continue or team shall be assessed a time out.


g. Coaches will be notified by the scorekeepers table when they have exhausted all timeouts in the half. Should coach call for an additional time out a technical foul shall be assessed (not to be used to qualify for ejection), two points will be awarded to the opposing team and they will get the ball. They can utilize the time out once penalized.


5. Team Rosters and Play Requirements/Restrictions:


a. All teams shall consist of no more than eight (8) players except for the clinic divisions, which shall consist of no more than 10 players (exceptions allowed at the Board’s discretion). Teams shall be lead by a Head Coach and no more than one (1) Assistant Coach approved by the Board.


b. Once team assignments have been made, no changes shall be made to player assignment or team number/color unless presented to the board for approval including the league President.


c. Team Assignment in the Clinic Division will be done by the division commissioner, an attempt will be made to accommodate known requests and to group children by school.


d. For all competitive (non-clinic) divisions all players must participate in a League Evaluation. Players who participate in the evaluation will be entered into the draft for that division. The league will not honor requests for placement in draft divisions, the only exception to this rule is for siblings. The division commissioner will evaluate and rank all players by round. Coaches will have to take their child/children in their designated round. The draft will be conducted by the division commissioner as a serpentine draft. Players that do not participate in the league evaluation will be assigned to teams at random based on hat picks.   Additions to teams after draft are subject to approval by League President and relevant division commissioner.


e. Only players registered on the official team roster shall be deemed eligible for play.


f. Team must have no less than 4 eligible players present at the scheduled start of game. Teams that do not have the minimum 4 eligible players shall declare the game a forfeit at that time, the game shall not be played (even as a “scrimmage”). Scorekeepers will note forfeit in the official scorebook.


g. Teams must maintain a minimum of 3 eligible players at all times to continue play. Should the teams number of eligible players fall below the required 3 players, the team failing to meet the minimum requirements shall declare the game forfeited at that time. Regardless of score, play will stop and forfeit will be recorded in the official scorebook.


h. All players shall play at least one continuous quarter in the first half and one continuous quarter in the second half. If a player is unable to complete a full quarter due to injury, that quarter will count towards this requirement. The player that comes in as a substitute for that player will not, however be credited for that quarter toward the (2) quarter playing requirement.

Board Member on duty will monitor the player’s injury to determine whether that player may and/or can return to the game during the injury quarter.


i. Regardless of play requirements, when a score difference gets to thirty (30) points, teams of eight (8) players must remove top three (3) PLAYERS, seven (7) players remove top two (2), six (6) players remove top player;  until score differential reaches fifteen (15) points, at which time players can be resubmitted.


j. All players shall be allowed a maximum of fourteen (14) points per half. Players will however be given credit for points from the conversion of any field goal and/or foul shot(s) earned achieving/exceeding this limit. Scorekeepers table will notify the coach when the player has reached 10 points.  The exceptions to this rule are as follows:






k. Any player meeting/exceeding this limitation must be substituted for immediately (Clock stops), and sit out the remainder of the half. The player is not disqualified from overtime play.


l. Any player that shows up after the first (1st) quarter without giving prior notice may be penalized at the coach’s discretion, by reduced playing time. The maximum penalty is as follows:

1st Quarter arrival – minimum playing time is only one (1) quarter.

2nd Quarter or later- no playing time need be given.


m. All disciplinary actions must be approved, at minimum, by the relevant Division Commissioner.


n. If a player does not attend at least one (1) practice in a week then the players’ playing time may be reduced to one (1) quarter minimum (with the Division Commissioner’s approval prior to game day). Player may be allowed to play the maximum allowed at the coach’s discretion.


o. Shots made beyond the 3 point line shall be awarded 3 points beginning with 6th Grade Division for Boys and Upper Girls Division.


6. Fouls, Disqualification, and Foul Shots:


a. All players are disqualified from further play upon receiving their fifth foul. This includes any combination of personal and technical fouls.


b. Any player or coach receiving a second (2nd) technical foul shall be disqualified from further participation in that game and the next scheduled game. Extension of this penalty can be assessed based on the severity of the offense at the Boards discretion.


c. Any player or coach who, at the discretion of the referee or MYBL Facility Director, demonstrates poor sportsmanship by word or deed shall be ejected from that game and shall be suspended from the next as well. Extension of this penalty can be assessed based on the severity of the offense at the Boards discretion.


d. Any spectator who is in violation of MYBL Fan/Spectator Code of Conduct, can at the discretion of the referee or MYBL Facility Directory be assessed a technical and/or ejected based on the violation. Penalty shall be assessed against the team for which they are a spectator. Technical/ejection penalties are the same as section 6b/6c respectively.


e. Teams will receive two (2) foul shots on and after the tenth (10th) team foul committed by their opponent in each half. If the first shot is made it is worth two (2) points and play continues (no second shot shall be attempted).


f. Fouls committed while player is shooting and shot is made an additional point will be awarded. If shot would have resulted in two(2 ) points a third (3rd) point is awarded, if shot would have resulted in three (3) points a fourth (4th) point is awarded.


g. Fouls committed while player is shooting and shot is missed free throws will be awarded based on the points that would have resulted if the shot was made. If shot would have resulted in two (2) points, one (1) shot is awarded, if made is worth two (2) points if missed play continues. If shot would have resulted in three (3) points, two (2) shots will be awarded, first (1st) shot worth two points and second (2nd) shot worth one point if missed play continues.


h. Technical fouls- Opposite team is awarded two (2) points and the ball out of bounds (no shot is taken).


i. Coaches are confined during play to the “coach’s box” which is the area five (5) feet from the end of the scorer’s table, to the width of three (3) chairs (about six (6) feet) from the head of the teams bench.

If more than one coach is present, assistant coach must remain seated on or near the team bench during play. Initial violation of this rule during a game will result in a warning by the official; subsequent violations will incur a technical foul. Only the Head Coaches should communicate with scorer’s table or officials.

Coaches, parents, and fans are not allowed to approach the scorer’s table, or come onto the gym floor during the game without prior approval from the officials or Board Member on Duty. Initial violations of this rule will incur a warning; subsequent violations will incur a technical foul to the offending team.


j. Foul shots shall be taken from behind the free throw line on the gym floor. For Grades 3rd-5th including girls No player can enter the key until the ball touches the rim.  For Grades 6th – 8th including girls No player can enter the key until the ball is released by shooter.  Violations by opposing team will result in reshoot; violation by the shooting team will result in opposing team getting the ball out of bounds.


7. Defense, Traps and Pressing:


Lower Clinic- Defenders must cover their zone while keeping both feet in the key. Players cannot reach outside of the key.  Players can exit the key in pursuit of a rebound.  If offense regains possession, defense returns to the key.  Held ball possession returns to offense.


Upper Clinic- Defenders must cover their zone, while keeping one foot in the key at all times.

First five games as written, with the exception of allowing the defense to come out of the key once the ball hits the rim/backboard.  If the offense maintains possession, the defense must return to the key.

--Second five games will have one referee per court, and coaches must be in the coach’s box.  Once the ball hits the rim/backboard the defense can come out and stay out.


3rd, 4th and Lower Girls Divisions- Players can defend once the ball crosses the top of the key (3-point line extended) and in the last two (2) minutes of the game players can defend once ball is brought over the half court line. Defense does not need to stop if the ball is passed out of this area. Can half court press the last two (2) minutes of game.


Offensive Delay of Game:  where defensive line exists, other than half court, the ball must be advanced and put into play within 15 seconds.  One warning will be given prior to making the Delay of Game call.  Thereafter, the violation will result in the ball being awarded to the opposing team.


Illegal Defense:  delay of game crossing the predetermined defensive line.  First offense will receive a warning, second offense will result in a turnover.


5th, 6th and Middle Girls Divisions- Teams may only employ full court defense, (such as a press), from the beginning of the 2nd half to the end of the game (including overtime periods), except when the pressing team is ahead by fifteen (15) points or more. Otherwise, teams are free to utilize any type of defense (zone, man-to-man, etc).


7th ,8th and Upper Girls Divisions- Any type of defense may be used at any time, except when a team is ahead by fifteen (15) points or more, at which time the team ahead can only play half court defense (no press).


8. Equipment:


a. Participants shall wear the uniform provided by MYBL for all games. Jersey’s shall be tucked in during games. Replacements shall be at the cost of the participant.


b. MYBL shall provide all scoring and timing equipment. The score that is recorded in the book is deemed the official score. In the event of power outage time shall be maintained on handheld stop watch.


c. MYBL shall provide the game balls for each game as follows:

Upper and Lower Clinic, Lower Girls - Junior Size or 27

3rd, 4th and 5th Grade, Middle and Upper Girls- Intermediate Size or 28.5

6th, 7th and 8th - Regulation Size or 30


d. MYBL shall provide goals for games as follows:

Upper and Lower Clinic shall use portable goals set at 9 feet.

All Divisions regardless of gender, 3rd- 8th  Grades shall use 10 foot baskets.


e. Players’ personal equipment worn during the game is subject to Board Member on duty’s approval. This is done to ensure the safety of all players, fans, and officials during the game.


9. Activity:

a. MYBL limits the number of allowable activities of participants to three (3) per week, including but not limited to practices and games.


10. Protests and Appeals:

a. Protests are to be resolved by the MYBL Facility Director(s) and may ONLY involve rules infractions. The coach calling a protest must have a timeout remaining in order to stop the game, regardless of the outcome the team calling the protest is charged with the time out. If the coach does not have a timeout remaining then within 15 minutes after the game is over coach must file the protest with the MYBL Facility Director. NO questions of judgment on an official’s part may be protested.


b.Appeals may be made to the Board whenever a protest resolution is deemed unsatisfactory or unfair, or in cases where the purpose of the league appears to be in jeopardy. All appeals are to be submitted in writing and as per the Protest and Appeals procedure, including a non-refundable deposit.


11. Playoff Advancement

a. ALL TEAMS in competitive divisions shall advance to playoffs   Playoff seeding is based on 8 game regular season standings.



b.Tie Breakers decided first by head-to-head, second by coin toss, with three (3) teams the odd toss gets the seed.

c.Effective 2013 season, no player shall advance individually.  (No All Stars)


12. Refunds:

a.Refunds of League Fees will be provided if requested in writing within 3 days of registration. After 3 days refunds will only be given in case of extreme emergency and will be subject to an administration fee of $50.00.





1.      Protest- an action taken by a team official indicating disagreement with the interpretation and/or implementation of rules, regulations, or league purpose.  All protests must be presented to the Division Commissioner/facility director as they occur for immediate resolution. Judgment calls by the referee cannot be protested.

2.      Appeal- an action taken by a Head Coach to indicate disagreement with the resolution of a protest, administrative action, or disciplinary action.   All appeals must be submitted in writing to the Executive Vice President and/or Division Commissioner.  An Appeal Fee of $50.00 must accompany each appeal.  Prior decisions remain in force pending outcome of appeal hearing.

3.      Disciplinary Hearing- an action initiated by allegations of misconduct. Such conduct must be prohibited by published rule, regulation, and/or procedure.  Only officials of the league (including Directors, coaches, and referees) may initiate charges of misconduct.

4.      Grievance- a complaint of a general nature not based on any specific rule or administrative decision.  Must be submitted in writing to the Board for review and consideration.  A grievance may initiate a disciplinary hearing depending on the nature and scope of the complaint.


1.      The Disciplinary Committee shall be constituted of the Executive Vice President (chairman), Secretary, and relevant Division Commissioner(s).

2.      The Disciplinary Committee is responsible for evaluating all appeals and grievances to determine if a formal hearing should be convened.

3.      If a formal disciplinary hearing is required, the chairman is to ensure all parties involved receive written notice at least (1) week in advance.  This notification is to include the nature of the charges (including specific rules/regulations that have been violated), and the date, time and place of the hearing.


1.      During the course of a game, any infraction of rule, regulation, or league purpose that affects the outcome may be protested by a team official. No protests will be considered involving a judgment call by a referee.

2.      All protests must be presented within 15 minutes to the Division Commissioner and/or facility director for immediate resolution.

3.      If, in the opinion of a team official, the performance or attitude of a game official is not in keeping with the league purpose, a grievance in writing may be submitted to the Board for consideration.

4.      Any continued disagreement with a protest resolution must be processed in the form of an appeal.

5.      An appeal or grievance must be filed in writing and as per definitions in Article I.

6.      All appeals must include the following information:

a.      Date, time, and location of game.

b.      Division and team involved.

c.       Rule and/or regulation infracted.

d.      Reason for appeal.

e.      Name of relevant Division Commissioner/Facility Director

f.        Suggested resolution.

7.      Appeal and $50.00 filing fee to be mailed to the board as follows:

M.Y.B.L. -Vice President-Board of Appeals

23811 Washington Ave C110-350

Murrieta, CA 92562

8.      Upon receipt of an appeal, the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee shall perform the following review/validation:

a.      Determine if parties involved have authority to appeal and are in good standing.

b.      Determine if all the information necessary to adjudicate the matter is available.

9.      If appeal is incomplete, it shall be returned to the submitter for correction within one (1) week of completion of review.

10.  Upon validation of appeal, the Chairman shall initiate a hearing and notify all involved in writing as follows:

a.      Date, time, and location of hearing.

b.      Condensed restatement of cause.

c.       Types of testimony to be allowed, whether oral and/or written (note: all written testimony must be notarized if the submitter cannot be present at the hearing)

d.      Due date for submission of all written testimony

e.      Any other special requirements

11.  Hearings shall follow the procedure as outlines in Article IV

12.  Evidence and testimony- shall be limited to the principal parties, eyewitnesses, and recognized authorities on the particular subject. All submitted documents and related transcripts shall be retained in the MYBL Archives.


1.      All participants to be brought into hearing chamber.

2.      Chairman to make Statement of Case and define hearing process, including the following for emphasis:

a.      Plaintiff(s) and Defendant(s) allowed to remain in chamber.

b.      Written evidence submitted at time of hearing must be voted on by the committee prior to acceptance.

c.       All questions and statements

3.      All witnesses to be excused out of the chamber.

4.      Plaintiff(s) to present case, including evidence and testimony.

5.      Committee members will question plaintiff/witnesses as deemed necessary.

6.      Defendant(s) to present case, including evidence and testimony.

7.      Committee members will question defendant/witnesses as deemed necessary.

8.      Recall of any witnesses as necessary.

9.      Plaintiff’s closing statement.

10.  Defendant’s closing statement.



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